Visual Management

Visual ManagementVisual Management is one of the core principles embedded in successful strategic planning. It assists in communication, understanding and building consensus toward complex issues. When conveying multiple messages and de-scoping large scale issues, it is often helpful to use images, symbols, and color to make things understandable.

Weber Group can help you develop a Visual Management approach to your communication strategy. We know how important effective communication is and can help you build cohesive content and messaging that delivers results. Our graphic design team will work with your CEO and Board Chair to tailor content and collateral to execute your visual management strategy.

Examples of Visual Management Include

  • Dashboards to display critical success metrics
  • Project Team Charters and Templates to drive team engagement
  • Charts and Graphs to deliver power and impact
  • Infographics
  • Organizational identity – logos, taglines, style guides

Why Use Visual Management?

  • Pictures convey more than words. Good for visual learners
  • Helps connect right-brain, left-brain for a whole brain approach
  • Fundamental concept to effective change management
  • Effective communication and sharing
  • Shortens meeting times and preparation
  • Provide focus on priorities