About Us

Founded in 2009, the Weber Group is an independent consulting firm, based in Phoenix Arizona, that is committed to delivering innovative solutions to build capacity and sustainability in your organization. We are thought leaders in the Social-Sector Organization (SSO) strategic planning, governance and leadership space. Our partners bring over 40 years of global experience in developing business solutions that help drive social-sector organizations toward transformational change.

Social-Sector Advocacy

We believe that nonprofit organizations play a vital role in our communities and economies. They contribute almost $1 Trillion to the US economy. We advocate the need to move toward thinking of nonprofits as businesses operating with real-world challenges. They are social-sector organizations (SSO). SSO’s are undergoing a transformational shift. Now more than ever social-sector Chief Executives need to work in partnership with their Board of Directors to design strategy, improve operational efficiency and create sustainable and self-governing boards. They need to stand for their mission.

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The Weber Group Model

Weber Group Model

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Source: Nonprofit HR 2016 Employment Practices Survey