Strategic Planning

Your social-sector organization (SSO) may have a strategic plan, but do you have a strategic process? According to BoardSource’s 2017 Leading with Intent Survey, more than one in three social sector organizations have no formal strategic planning process. More than half say their Boards are not good at monitoring and executing on strategy. To maintain a long-term sustainable advantage, strategic thinking and a coherent strategic process must be embedded in the DNA of the the board and the organization.

Values Mission VisionSSOs should continually engage in long-term and short-term strategic planning. Strategic process is where Board Chairs can partner with the organization’s Chief Executive to create a generative approach to connect mission to strategy. Organizations can put in place a process to constantly assess what’s working and what’s not toward the organization’s long-term sustainability. Scanning external and environmental factors to determine if their programs should be modified, expanded or discontinued to meet mission objectives. Boards and CEO are dynamic. A robust and repeatable strategic planning process can provide a solid foundation to navigate change.

Strategy is a planned set of actions designed to achieve mission objectives. Getting strategic may be easier than you think. But, it will require deliberate intent from your Chair and Chief Executive to make your strategic process a priority.

3 Steps to Creating a Strategic Planning Process

  1. Make executive decision to elevate strategic planning processes as a priority.
  2. Create a Strategic Process Committee from highly engaged board members.
  3. Develop Committee Charter outlining milestones, outcomes and timeline.

DASIE Strategic Process Model

“Boards should continually focus on strategy, asking important questions about works working, what is not, and what is changing in the environment of fast-paced change.”

Source: Boardsource 2017 Leading With Intent

The Weber Group Can Help with Your Strategic Planning

The Weber Group can design a custom planning process for your organization, in a timeframe that meets your needs, while providing a meaningful roadmap for the future. Effective strategic planning is critical to the long-term sustainability of your organization. Working alongside your team, let us show you a thoughtful and meaningful way to build a process and outcome that is right for you.