Strategic Planning

Your organization may have a strategic plan, but do you have a strategic process? Business success starts with a clear understanding of your future. The Weber Group will guide you through a robust strategic planning process, providing a solid foundation to strengthen your organization.


“Boards s!hould continually focus on strategy, asking important questions about works working, what is not, and what is changing in the environment of fast-paced change.”

Source: Boardsource 2017 Leading With Intent

Build Your Organization’s Roadmap for the Future

The Weber Group can design a custom planning process for your organization in a timeframe that fits your needs. Working alongside your team, let us show you a thoughtful and meaningful way to build a process and outcome that is right for you.

Our planning process: 

  1. Elevate strategic planning processes as a priority
  2. Create a Strategic Process Committee from highly engaged staff and board members
  3. Outline your goals: milestones, outcomes and timeline

Let us help You!