At the Weber Group, we draw upon best practices from a variety of resources. On this page, you will find a selection of websites and noteworthy articles for consideration. Below are a few of our favorites worth a deeper look. Please contact us for more resources and information.

Board Governance Resources & Links

Board Governance

leading with intent
Leading with Intent Study 2017

BoardSource has been conducting their signature study, Leading with Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices, biennially for more than 20 years. It provides important information about current board composition, practices, and performance and charts important trends and changes in board leadership.

boardsource checklist
How to Select the Correct Board Members

Basic board roles and responsibilities are the foundation for a successful board. BoardSource has designed this checklist so you can quickly remind yourself of your key responsibilities. It’s also a great board orientation tool! Can you check all the boxes?

boardsource governance practices
Recommended Governance Practices

The nonprofit boards best equipped to lead their organizations are self-aware, function in constructive partnership with their chief executives, and are committed to continually improving their performance. Boards can improve their effectiveness by the intentional adoption of good governance practices.

Lifecycle Assessment

board passages
Board Passages — Three Stages in a Nonprofit Board’s Lifecycle

Boards are not — and should not — be static. To be effective, they must change and evolve as their organizations change and grow. Many years ago, Karl Mathiasen III wrote a paper for BoardSource in which he identified three different and quite distinct types of nonprofit boards that develop as their organizations grow and change.

Strategic Planning/Visioning

retreat planning
Planning A Successful Retreat — BoardSource

Sometimes board members need to step outside of the board room to get a better look at the bigger picture. A retreat offers the opportunity to delve more deeply into strategic issues that there may not always be time to address during regular board meetings.

5 phases strategic planning
Five Phases of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning often unfolds in a series of five phases, with each phase building on the one that came before. When beginning a new phase of strategic planning, it is important to keep a few key questions in mind.

Executive Coaching

ceo succession
Key Steps in Chief Executive Succession Planning

There are a number of things that board members should understand, respect, and act on to implement an effective succession plan before an executive search looms on the horizon.