Phoenix Business Journal, Leadership Trust Member

Bruce Weber is Founder and President/CEO at Weber Group. Bruce brings over 20 years of experience in the non-profit community. Specializing in board innovation, Bruce has assisted many organizations in achieving their goals whether it be community engagement, board governance, successful recruiting, strengthening the organizational mission, or fundraising. Building the right governing board to support […]

Board Business Strategy

Strategy Equals Process

Your social-sector organization (SSO) may have a strategic plan, but do you have a strategic process? According to BoardSource’s 2017 Leading with Intent Survey, more than one in three social sector organizations have no formal strategic planning process. More than half say their Boards are not good at monitoring and executing on strategy. To maintain […]

Recruiting for Purpose, Not Position

Board recruitment can often feel like a daunting task that challenges even the most seasoned professional, yet it one of the most important aspects of board service. Building the correct team is critical to the success and sustainability of the organization. Often, we focus on recruiting the “big name” or significant donor with capacity to […]

Assessing your Board’s Work, Supports its Growth

A periodic assessment of your boards performance is helpful in keeping your board operating at the highest and best use of its capacity. A high performing board provides the greatest asset to the organization and value to the chief executive. Board assessments are available in a variety of formats to meet your needs. BoardSource offers […]

Lifecycle Stage Pinpoints Investment Areas Quickly

A nonprofit organizations lifecycle, is very similar to a person starting off in their professional career. In the startup phase, you are enrolled in college, pursuing a variety of classes working to ultimately build your skill set. Prior to graduation, you being identifying industries you can work in to employ the new skills just attained. […]