Recruiting for Purpose, Not Position

Board recruitment can often feel like a daunting task that challenges even the most seasoned professional, yet it one of the most important aspects of board service. Building the correct team is critical to the success and sustainability of the organization. Often, we focus on recruiting the “big name” or significant donor with capacity to give. While engaging donors with capacity and influence is important, we also need to focus on the talent that will help us accomplish our work.

BoardSource, a thought leader in the nonprofit governance world, in a recent article shared “the board must be strategic about member recruitment and define an ideal composition for itself based on the organizations priorities at any given moment”. Through careful analysis of organization priorities, the governance committee (or the full board if no committee is needed), is able to best determine what qualities, characteristics, and perspectives are already present on the board. When analyzed in light of the organization’s strategies, using a board matrix, the board can readily identify where gaps exist and then direct recruiting efforts appropriately.

Careful and thoughtful recruiting for purpose will not only result in a stronger organization, but one that has built a true partnership with the appropriate professionals needed to get the job done!